History of Adaptive Parade of Homes

The adaptive parade of homes is an annual closed home tour of accessible and universal designs. It began as a collaboration between Home Access Solutions, Inc. and the Student Empowerment Network at Creighton University. The parade was started to provide future Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and interested Pharmacy students exposure to home modifications and installed assistive technology. The intent was to provide an opportunity for future clinicians to learn about the modifications and technology as well as its impact on quality of life.

That first year it became clear that the people opening their homes to the future health care providers were pleased to be able to assist with the education of these future clinicians, and were excited to be able to influence treatment for an untold number of people these health care providers would be assisting with home modifications over the span of their careers. In future events, the interaction between the people living in the home and the visiting students was encouraged.

The adaptive parade of Homes was hosted by Home Access Solutions, Inc. from 2011 through 2013 and Total Respiratory and Rehab through 2014 through 2016 in collaboration with the Creighton University Student Empowerment Network. In 2017, United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska, Inc. was pleased to be able to continue the event in collaboration. In 2017 the third goal of showcasing the efforts of multiple building professionals interested in adaptive home environments was added. United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska developed a logo which can be utilized by sponsoring remodeling and new construction companies to show that they are part of the developing specialty of accessible and universal design building.

We hope that this virtual Adaptive Parade of Homes tour will make the information available to a greater number of people. Please keep in mind that what works for one person may not necessarily

work for someone else and that while we appreciate the talents and skills of our participating construction professionals, inclusion in our tours does not imply our agency’s endorsement. If you have any questions about the adaptations you see or would like to participate in future tours, please call United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska at 402-502-3572.

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