Information About
Cerebral Palsy

Information About Cerebral Palsy

Birth Injury Center – Provides support and resources to families that have been impacted by birth trauma.

Cerebral Palsy Guide-Book for Parents and Children About CP – Whether it is a fun adventure story that you and your child read together or an informative book that you enjoy on your own, there are many valuable resources available that can provide you with all you need to know about.

Cerebral Palsy Group – is a national organization that was created so that it may serve the individuals and families who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. They provide information, resources and education to those affected by CP.

CPNow – Provides educational resources, initiates wellness campaigns and funding research focused on addressing the early interferences in brain development that can lead to CP.

CP Tool Kit – This explores both the clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment, and the impact on the family, with practical and positive advice from other parents of children with cerebral palsy.  It also has a glossary of terms and a number of personal stories from parents and adults living with CP.  Subscribe to the Foundation newsletter to download the PDF version of the tool kit here

Early School Years Fact Pack – This fact pack has been developed to assist teachers, teacher’s aides, students and parents in learning more about what might be helpful for children with cerebral palsy in the early school years.

Getting to Know Cerebral Palsy – A training resource for facilitators, parents, caregivers and persons with cerebral palsy, particularly in low resource countries. It promotes a participatory learning approach where parents can increase their knowledge and skills in caring for a child with cerebral palsy in an understanding environment.   Available in English and Spanish.

My Child at Cerebral -The ultimate resource for everything cerebral palsy. Phone: 1-800-692-4453

Special Needs Mom – An on-line social network for families of children with special needs to connect, find information, share and offer support, and be inspired.